Biblical Teaching. Bonding. Balling.

Each Saturday evening, students attend a youth-friendly service. There is always a free meal and activities following this Bible-based message. During this time youth are able to forge positive relationships with adults who care about them, pray with & for them, and help them connect the chaos in their lives to the divine order found in God’s Word.


Biblical Teaching. Bonding. Balling.

Basketball is the hottest thing in session within this program. Every weeknight our gym is open to students for playing basketball, volleyball, dance and other games. At 6pm a 15 minute Bible message is given in faith that students will come to know Christ.
We also take trips off of campus to widen the cultural lens that youth view the world through. We have taken students to sky-zone, the park, for ice-cream, and Christian concerts. We use this time for character and relationship building through physical activity and travel.


Filling Needs, Stomachs & Hearts

Every day a free meal is served to anyone in the community from 4:30-5:30. The meals provided are giving grounds for the Gospel. We use this as a chance for us to share the heart of Christ through giving. Many of our staff and students come to receive meals. It’s also a joy to host meals for mothers and fathers who bring their children in to have quality family time together after school.
Due to the great amount of food God has blessed Inside Out with, we have been able to help veterans, disabled veterans and their families with boxes of food.


Filling Needs, Stomachs & Hearts

During the Summer many at-risk youth lose the two meals a day that they are guaranteed at their school. Students are left with few resources for food and this is where Inside Out is able to coordinate with several local business to intervene.
Every week day, from the day after school lets out until the day that school is back in session, students are brought a bagged lunch. These two drop-off locations are in the heart of low-income housing plans. We are grateful to God for this opportunity to serve the community as the hands and feet of Christ.